English for Physiotherapy


In our globalised world it is no longer possible to escape English - even if we want to. In our personal, academic and professional lives, we have reached a point where knowing English is more than an extra. The world of physiotherapy is no exception. It doesn’t matter if it’s because you need to read the academic literature, attend conferences, network with international colleagues or, quite simply, communicate with your patients, a working knowledge of English has become a necessity rather than a luxury.
‘English for Physiotherapy’ has been written and designed for use in the classroom with undergraduate students. It is based around five key areas: introductions and the patient encounter, the human skeleton, joints and movement, muscles, and career choices in physiotherapy. Each chapter combines work on the four main skill areas: speaking, listening, reading and writing, with grammar and vocabulary input sessions. The book places an emphasis on communication in situations related to work and study in the field of physiotherapy.
Motivation is the key to learning any language. As students looking forward to careers in physiotherapy, it is clear that a good working knowledge of English will both facilitate and enrich your experiences as students and practitioners. We hope that ‘English for Physiotherapy’ will help you become more effective and versatile in your chosen profession.

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